Fish ’n Fins & Ocean Hunter Palau


Welcome to Fish 'n Fins & Ocean Hunter Palau!
Fish 'n Fins, Palau's pioneer dive center invites you to experience the beauty of Palau above and below the water. Fish 'n Fins div center is specialized with services to European customers and a personal service. Comfortable designed day boats for divers, free Nitrox. Other activities offered by Fish 'n Fins: Ocean Hunter I, safari boat for 6 divers, Ocean Hunter III, luxurious safari boat for 16 divers, helicopter aerial tours, Jungle off road tours, snorkeling tours, kayak tours and land tours and special request tours. We are looking forward to be your hosts in Palau. &

Fish ’n Fins & Ocean Hunter Palau

Palau Helicopters

Palau Off Road Jungle Tours

142 Main Street

96940 Koror - Palau


+680 488 26 37

  • Tauchlehrer

    more than ten instructors

  • Ausbildung


Ausstattung und Tauchen

Flaschen DIN & INT
Kompressoren Bauer
450 Liter pro Minute
Foto- / Videolabor
Dekokammer in Palau National Hospital
Tauchschiffe 2
14 persons
Wrack over 20 wrecks
maximum depth 35 m
Kindertauchen PADI


  1. Alexandra Pastor

    Fantastic dive center, with a friendly and adorable team. You will have the chance to dive with people who know the area as the back of their hand and who will take you to the best diving sites. They will be happy to share with you their passion and love of oceans, and would be pleased to share with you all they know about it, as they are truly engaged in the understanding and preservation of oceans.
    Fish’n Fins is a dive center respectful of people and nature that will offer you the most amazing and magical dives.

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