Spirit of Freedom


Spirit ot Freedom provides unsurpassed live-aboard cruising to the remote regions ot Australia’s Great Barrier Reet and Coral Sea. The 37 metre vessel is equipped with all the modern comtorts, and provides 3 decks ot living space, spacious cabins, protessional dive service and Australian style gourmet meals. Divers have a choice ot 3, 4, and 7 day tours to world renown diving destinations ot the Cod Hole, Ribbon Reets, and Osprey Reet in the Coral Sea. These unique ecosystems showcase an amazing diversity trom picturesque coral gardens crowned with delicate anemones and colorful reet tish to the 1 000 metre walls ot the volcanic atolls ot the Coral Sea, home territory tor reet sharks, mantas, schools ot pelagic tish, and massive soft corals. Dwarf Minke Whale encounters are a trip high light in Junel July each year, and special expeditions to the remote Far Northern Reets can be enjoyed in October/ November.

Spirit of Freedom

Tusa Dive

4870 Cairns




+61 7 40479150

  • TauchlehrerCrew of 10 on board
  • AusbildungPADI Advanced & Nitrox courses

Ausstattung und Tauchen

Komplettausrüstungen 26 sets
Flaschen 26 bottles
Kompressoren 2 x Bauer 21 CFM
2x450 Liter pro Minute
Foto- / Videolabor
Nitrox up to 32%
Dekokammer in Townsville, 450km from Cairns
Tauchschiffe 2
1x Liveaboard, 1x day trip
Hausriff Ribbon Reefs, Great Barrier Reef & Osprey Reef, Coral Sea
Kindertauchen Minimum child age 10 years