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Tauchsport ScubaProfis

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  1. Mickey

    We wanted to dive at the Gruner See, and we went to ScubaProfis to rent equipment as they advertise themselves as the closest diving equipment rental to the lake. The equipment that they gave was fine, but the service was terrible, the owner/manager of the rental, Charly, was very unfriendly. He repeateadly shouted on us, spoke in an unacceptable and disrespectful manner, wasn’t helpful at all. When people asked questions, he answered in a rude, condescending way. It is a shame that the wonderful experience of diving at the Gruner See was spoiled by such a person who doesn’t have the slightest idea about communication with other human beeings (let alone, customers). If you have the chance, go somewhere else.

  2. Charly ScubaProfis

    Dear Mickey!
    Or should i call you with your correct name?

    No i do it not, because if you are not man enough to write a comment with your real name, it should tell for it self.

    Yes i was very angry.

    At first, the pick up was booked from you for 9 o clock. You arrived at 10:15. So i had to cancel some urgent appointments to be here for you.

    I gave your group not only the equipment – thank you that you are satisfied with the equipment, i gave you some advice’s how to park on the green lake, where you can buy your diving permission, where the toilets are , where you can lay your car keys…
    and i also gave you a FREE briefing about the lake.

    Also i told you some things they are different in cold water diving especially that it is very urgent to give the dust cap on the regulator when you take it away from the bottle after the dive because there must not be water inside the first stage and that the regulators must be on top of the boxes to not get damaged from the weights and the other equipment!!!

    The second problem was , that we made out the bring back time, and again you where delayed for over 30 Minutes.

    Then you told me that the regulator of your buddy had a problem and when i asked you to show it to me

    So maybe this can make somebody angry?

    So you could not exclude that water has invaded.
    Therefore, a service technician had to disassemble and provide service for all of the first stage. Time again over 40 minutes for free for you!

    But the main thing that made me angry was, that you told me, that the regulator had a free flow and the regulator is bad!

    After asking your buddy what he had made before the free flow (he also speak German!), you interrupted my question and tried to tell it to me in English (interrupting is not nice – maybe that makes someone who has experienced the same prehistory, angry?)
    I tried it again to ask the diver directly how had the problem!

    After he tells me that he take out the regulator with the mouthpiece to the top, and that in 6 Degrees Celsius cold Water! For me as a diving instructor how tells his students in every course that, if you take the regulator out, you must turn the mouthpiece down! Because -16° cold air out of the bottle ans 6° cold water makes ICE so the lever in the second stage freezes. So mostly the only chance is to close the bottle, wait till the ice gets melted from the 6° „warm“ water. Than you can finish your dive! If not the bottle is empty!

    And now passed the funniest of the whole story!
    You told me that I had to tell you that before, when you borrowed the equipment!!!

    For me it is the same like i go to a skiing rental and the guy behind the counter is responsible when I broke my leg on the ski slope, because he did not tell me how to use the skis!

    So if somebody want to learn diving, there are many opportunities to take a diving course and there are also courses for cold water diving in nearly every diving organisation! There may be a reason for it?

    We always try to provide our customers as much as possible and take very long time for them until the suit for the 6 degrees Celsius cold water suits as much as possible.
    We use only the highest quality in our rental equipment from reputable manufacturers – not typical dive school quality – which is regularly checked and maintained!

    But unfortunately we can not learn our customers to read the clock!
    And also we can not teach diving and how to use the equipment during equipment output in the rental!

    That should be the job of the instructor how issued the dive card of this diver!!!

    PS: Sorry but we had made a rental agreement before in which the times have been agreed.
    We have been waiting for for free twice and have done the service of the regulator on our bill.
    Sorry that i was angry!

    Greetings from Styria!

    PPS: We are the next rental to the green lake, the next should be in Graz! 😉

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